Our Story

Hello! I'm Dina and I've founded Khisu with a mission to provide you with a genuine choice in taking responsibility for your own security and mobility, without sacrificing style.

Millions of people have their valuables stolen from handbags and pockets every single day - I believe it's time we change how we carry our valuables to meet the challenges of modern life. 

My entrepreneurial journey began a few years ago when I was on the search for an alternative to the typical handbag. After suffering shoulder pains from carrying heavy handbags for many years, I wanted something for my essential items - something that would give me a sense of security whilst still allowing me to feel stylish.

The anti-theft accessories on the market were unattractive and targeted towards travellers. Paired with the rise in street crime and lack of pockets in women’s clothing, I saw an opportunity to shake up the accessories market by offering functional yet fashionable accessories that also address the safety concerns many women share. 

Fast forward to today and I am delighted to introduce you to the Body Pocket - a stylish, safety conscious accessory that's also hands-free! Gone are the days of rummaging around for keys at the bottom of your bag or the awkward moments reaching for your neck pouch under your top! 


We are empowering the nation to choose a lifestyle beyond baggage. In a digital world where you can shop, travel and dine with just a smart phone, we challenge the traditional use of a handbag and the ‘just in case’ items we carry with us every day. Set yourself free from the heavy handbags and accompanying stress. 

Our Values 

Design Led - We create beautifully designed, ergonomic products, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and a delight to use.

Less is More - We believe that pairing back your lifestyle can help you focus on what is necessary and fulfilling. 

Secure - We start with a security and safety focus and instil confidence in our customers so they can take on the challenges of their everyday.

Customer Led - We listen and engage with each and every customer ensuring they are satisfied with our products.

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